You should hear this good side of Bala’s trolls and critics; Mouli personally i-videos to thank Kannamali Bala for helping her when she is in bed

Actor Bala is one of the favorite stars of Malayalees even though he is not a Malayali. Shining as a hero, villain and supporting actor, the actor has presented many characters to the audience in the past. Bala’s last release was Shafiq Ki Shafiq.

Meanwhile, news related to Bala often grabs the attention of social media. Bala is often the main victim of trolls and critics. The actor gets a lot of banter.

Now, a video shared by fans of the star saying that critics of Bala must watch it is gaining attention on social media.

A video about actress Mouli Kannamali Bala is going viral on social media. Recently Mouli Kannamali, who was suffering from pneumonia, was admitted to a private hospital in Kochi.

Molly was admitted to the hospital after she developed fever and difficulty in breathing. Many people have come forward with a request for help for the financially troubled family.

Actor Bala is one of those who helped Mauli on this occasion. Bala had helped Mouli Kannamali well. The video of Mauli Bala recovering from her illness and coming back to thank her for being alive is going viral on social media.

The video shared by Bala on his social media was picked up by his fans and went viral. While sharing the video, Bala wrote that he saw the miracle of God.

‘It’s not planned. This is not a shoot to plan and do. This is Chala Mary. Amar did a good comedy in Akbar Anthony. Sister Mary reached death. But somehow I felt that my sister would come back. Sister came back

This is the greatest fortune. With God’s grace, everyone’s love and blessings, Chechi is back. Now sitting next to me. When I saw him that day, he was in the hospital bed. Bala says in the video.

Bala also hands over a check of small amount for treatment etc. Mouli Kannamali also talks about the goodness of Bala.
Words by Mouli Kannamali

I have no other desire. I am the one who has returned after seeing death directly. Still my children are having a lot of trouble for my treatment.

When I had the attack for the first time, I had mortgaged four lakh rupees along with my title. When the work got reduced when Corona came, he was not able to pay.

Now I’m in foreclosure. Six lakh rupees should be paid on the 13th day. I do not know. I have come to tell Bala Sir about that.

When I was on the bed, my son came running and then Bala Sir helped me. The first thing I saw after coming out of the hospital today was Bala Sir. Bala and I want to work together in a Malayalam film. – said Mary.

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