You don’t go through months of treatment and medication; Samantha’s reply to critics

Fans like to know about South Indian star Rani actress Samantha. Samantha remains active on social media. Samantha’s recently released films have also done well. But while her career was achieving great success, Samantha faced some troubles in her life. Samantha herself told about suffering from myositis. He went abroad for treatment. During this everyone supported the actress and the fans were with her.

But the actress reached for the promotion of the film the next day and burst into tears. The actress spoke while crying. But even at this time there are many critics of the actress. The actress also replied to him.

Some such tweets came the other day. The tweet pointed to the change in Samantha’s appearance after the Shakuntalam trailer launch.

‘It’s sad to see Samantha like this. She lost all her beauty. Myositis has dealt a severe blow to her after getting divorced and moving forward in her profession. This makes the actress vulnerable again’, the tweet said. Samantha herself answered this. I pray that you will not go through the months of treatment and medication that I have gone through. Here’s some love from me to brighten up your face,” tweeted Samantha.

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