Women who don’t open the door even though they feel they can lend a helping hand these days; Video by Rahul and Subi

Many people are unable to accept the news of Subi Suresh’s death. Subi is the star who made the audience laugh a lot. Now all the interviews and videos of Subi are going viral on social media. Many of these are hilarious videos, but now they all have tears in their eyes.

One of them is the video that Subi did with her future husband Rahul. This video was shared by Subi himself on his YouTube channel three months ago.

In the video, Rahul asks Umar to open the door and Subi says that she will not open it like the debutantes. In the video, we can see Subi opening the door, ‘Is this Vishnukanitam, so shall I open it?’

Later in the video, Rahul grabs Vishu and says that he is not an April Fool, and Subi cries saying, oh, don’t leave me without doing anything. This video is now going viral again.

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