Women can go to any temple including Sabarimala, God will not be upset if menstruating women go to the temple; Aishwarya Rajesh

Aishwarya Rajesh is an actress who has worked in many films. Now attention is being paid to Aishwarya’s words. The actress says that if menstruating women enter the temple then no god will be disturbed and it is only a man-made rule. Aishwarya talked about this when she interacted with the media regarding the promotion of her new film. Aishwarya Rajesh is starring in the Tamil version of The Great Indian Kitchen.

Aishwarya was responding to questions about the sidelining of menstruating women and discrimination in the entry of women into Sabarimala as a reward for denying them entry into the temples. The actress said that women’s lives are not meant to end in the kitchen.

Women’s life is not meant to end in the kitchen but to show their talents. Aishwarya said that now women are getting freedom. To me, God doesn’t discriminate between men and women. No god has set any standard for people to reach the temple. All these are made by humans. Not only Sabarimala, no god or goddess has discriminated against the entry of women in any temple. The actress said that God has nothing to do with the discrimination made by humans.

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