‘With the same gratitude and the same fear I continue this journey’; Bhavna completes 20 years in cinema

Bhavna is the favorite actress of South Indian cinema. After marriage, Bhavna lives in Bangalore with her husband Naveen. That’s why the actor is active in the Kannada film world after marriage. Though it started in Malayalam, Bhavana gained attention in all languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Bhavna made her debut in the film Naamam. The film has completed 20 years. On this occasion, the actress has shared a heart touching note.

‘Twenty years ago, on this very day, I went to the sets of the Malayalam film ‘Nammal’..my first film – directed by Kamal Sir.
I became ‘Parilam’ (my character’s name)..a Thrissur speaking slum dweller!! I still remember when he finished my make-up, I was angry. ‘No one is going to recognize me’!!! I was a kid and I did the role anyway!! But now I know, I couldn’t have had a better debut!! So many successes, so many failures, setbacks, pain., happiness, love, friendship… but all these have shaped me into the person I am today!! I’m still learning a lot and learning a lot!! When I stop for a moment and look back all I think is ‘Thank you’!! I continue this journey with the same gratitude and same awe that I had as a newbie!! I am so excited for the journey ahead of me!!
Also we miss you Jishnu Chetta.. The smile on my father’s face is priceless, I miss it..’.

Bhavna stepped into the film industry through the film Nammal. The actor quickly made a name for himself among film lovers with his effortless acting style.

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Bhavana played the lead role in many Malayalam movies like CID Moses, Chronic Bachelor, Daivanamthil, Chintamani Kolakase, Lollipop, Naran, Chess, Mulla and stole the hearts of the audience. Bhavna’s last Malayalam film was Adam John starring Prithviraj. Bhavana’s husband Naveen, who they married in 2018, is a Kannada film producer and businessman. Naveen Bhavna was the producer of the starrer Romeo. The friendship that started from that day had reached the wedding.

Story Highlights – Bhavna completes 20 years in cinema

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