With a video of Tarapatri working out in the gym, Malayalam audiences said they had never seen her look so glamorous.

All the videos of superstars are liked by the audience very quickly. Now it is not necessary that the movies in which he has acted should have videos or trailers. Frankly speaking, Malayalees are always more eager to watch videos of their daily life. That’s why it is common for the stars themselves to release such videos through their Instagram and the audience accepts them with open heart.

Now a work out video of an actress is being noticed. The actress is doing workouts from the gym. If you watch this video, you will understand that he pays a lot of attention to his fitness. Meanwhile, the actress is seen in a very glamorous style in the video. Viewers say that the actress has never been seen in such a glamorous look before.

At the same time, she is one of the leading young actresses of Bollywood. He has acquired many fans over the years. Needless to say that her name is Jhanvi Kapoor. His mother is Sridevi. Sridevi acted in several Malayalam films during her early career. She entered Bollywood after acting in several South Indian films.

But daughter is opposite. He debuted in Bollywood. Most of the films were flops. This is the time when the entire Bollywood is drowning. Hence, he is now on his way to act in South Indian films. She is working in many commercial films. In fact this is their main source of income.

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