Will fill the eyes of any devotee and call for refuge; K Surendran praised Malikappuram

Malikappuram is the latest movie of Unni Mukundan. After the release of the film, many people are talking about the film. Now BJP state president K Surendran has praised the film. Surendran said Malikappuram gave him the feeling of visiting Sabarimala and returning to Ayyappaswamy.

Of. Surendran’s words are as follows.. saw Malikappuram. Feeling of going to Sabarimala and returning after worshiping Ayyappaswamy. A beautiful film that will make any Ayyappa devotee teary-eyed, clap and take refuge. Everyone who visits Sabarimala has the presence of the lord which they feel somewhere during their visit. This is what we can see through Malikappuram. The main attraction of this movie is the dialogue from the movie ‘Bhaktan Kede Easwaran Manna Roopatham’. An eight-year-old girl’s devotion to Ayyappa through her grandmother and her longing to meet her lord.

The director has also managed to present the risk she takes for this. Unni Mukundan does well in the second half. The fight scene in the jungle and the background music takes us to the peak of excitement. Unni’s fight scenes are as spectacular as Kantara’s climactic scenes. Another thing worth noting is the acting of the children. Kallu Malikappuram and Unni Swamy gave a performance that won the hearts of the audience. Saiju Kurupam and Ramesh Pishardi have played their roles beautifully. K Surendran said that there is no doubt that Malayalees across the world will love this film.

Meanwhile, Malikappuram is a film directed by Vishnu Shashi Shankar. The screenplay is by Abhilash Pillai. Indrans, Manoj K Jayan, Saiju Kurup and Ramesh Pisharti are playing other characters in the film.

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