Why did actor Sukumaran name his children Indrajith and Prithviraj? Do you know the interesting story behind it? Here are the words from Prithviraj’s interview years ago

Prithviraj is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. He is seen in the film labeled as the son of actor Sukumaran. But later he is one of those stars who made his own place in the film industry. He is not only one of the best actors in Malayalam today, but also one of the most promising directors in Malayalam.

Meanwhile, Indrajit is her brother. He is one of the best character actors in Malayalam today. At the same time, he has two very rare names. Generally we can see such names in North India. When both of them entered the cinema, there was a demand from the filmmakers to change these names. Because they said it sounded like a northern name. But today Prithviraj has become a South Indian name, says Prithviraj.

Meanwhile, do you know why Sukumaran named his sons Prithviraj and Indrajit? Did the father have the foresight that his children would become bigwigs in cinema? Is this why babies are named after mythological characters? These questions are asked by the presenters in an interview given by Prithviraj years ago. Prithviraj’s interview for this has now gone viral.

“The father’s name was a very common name. If someone came to school and searched for Sukumaran, they would find whether it was Sukumaran of class III, Sukumaran of class V or Sukumaran of class VIII. So the father insisted that the names of his children should be kept a little rare. That’s how my brother and I were named Prithviraj and Indrajit.” – replied Prithviraj. While Malayalees say that we are now realizing how interesting the story was behind it.

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