Who are the contestants this time? Laltan pointed out

Fans are waiting for the new season of Bigg Boss to start. All its signs have reached the social media. This time too Mohanlal himself will appear as the host. But it is certain that this time Bigg Boss will be different from the previous one. Bigg Boss comes with some curiosities hidden. The biggest difference this time is that anyone from the general public can participate in it.

But not much information has been revealed about the rest of the contestants. But this time also we can expect more filmy serial stars. The start of the show has not been revealed. Now more information about the contestants has been revealed in the new promo video.

With the release of the promo of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 5, Mohanlal is giving some hints. This time who are the contestants is the most exciting factor. Lalitan’s answer to this question is fundamental. In this one word he gives a hint about the competitors. what do you mean by original? This will be known only after the start of the show.

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