‘When we wake up in the morning, we send each other pictures of gods’: Unni Mukundan again silences critics

Unni Mukundan is one of the notable young actors of Malayalam. In early 2022, Unni became the victim of a cyberattack on social media by a group of people who claimed to be a ‘progressive society’ through the same film Mepadiyaan. The critics’ issue was that the Seva Bharati ambulance was shown in the film. Unni and the director gave a clear answer to this. Unni and the director asked critics what was wrong with showing Sevabharathi’s ambulance and what was the point of the hero going to Sabarimala in the film’s climax.

However, Unni’s film ‘Malikappuram’ came closest to the critics. Unni Mukundan has once again proved that he can make films for his own sake regardless of criticisms and controversies. The first hit (Mepadiyaan) and the last hit (Malikappuram) of 2022 are in the name of Unni Mukundan. Now, Unni has made a comment which has left the critics speechless.

In an interview with Dhanya Verma, the actor revealed what is the first thing he does every morning when he wakes up. Today’s generation when they wake up in the morning first checks WhatsApp and Facebook before brushing. Dhanya asks what are you doing. To this Unni Mukundan replied, ‘We have one or two friends and we send pictures of the deities here and there. There is no such thing as a wishful God. I will send photos of all the gods. The video of the interview is going viral on social media.

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