When someone sees you in person, will anyone ask you whether you are not ashamed to stand with a mirror in the house of death? Arya replied

Kerala is deeply saddened by the demise of actress Subi Suresh. In the end, many people including film stars and common people came to visit. Subi Suresh’s close friend and presenter Ranjini Haridas was also present. But after coming to the house of the deceased wearing cooling glasses, Ranjini is facing a lot of criticism. Many people held Ranjini responsible for this. Some came forward by answering them. Now Arya, who has been an anchor and actress, has responded to this. Arya says that those who comment on social media do not have the courage to directly ask Ranjini Chechi.

Social media can be used in both negative and positive ways. As soon as we got two clips on the topic of Ranjini Chechi, people started writing negative comments.

Freedom on social media is often misused by people. That’s what you see in the comments. Also, no one would go to Ranjini’s sister’s house and scold her for wearing cool glasses and walking into the dead house. Are you not ashamed to ask that woman to stand with a cold glass in the house of death when someone sees her face to face? Arya said no.

Meanwhile, Subi Suresh was undergoing treatment for liver disease for a long time. The actress passed away a few days before the surgery. A member of Subi’s own family was ready to donate his liver. But the health of the actress was not good. In the end, Subi Suresh had to succumb to death.

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