‘When she was pregnant, she came to the shoot with her stomach covered, Dilepetan took care of her; don’t feel guilty’; fell down

Actress Veena Nair is well known to television viewers. Veena has also acted in films. Now Veena is talking openly about working in the film ‘Welcome to Central Jail’ while pregnant. The actor also talked about acting with Dileep. The answer is Kaumudi Movies.

The role of the police officer ‘Welcome to Central Jail’ was cast when Monet was five months pregnant. When I play a police officer, no one on the location knows that I am pregnant. I found out I was pregnant on the fifth day of the date. Benny P told Nayarambalam. Beanie Brother is a small problem that I have with me. Alas, he asked how he would do as a police officer. I said, I can leave without wearing the uniform. She said, ‘Please don’t change me, I will do it, I will not get pregnant.’

The shooting will start in the third month. Then I vomit. Dilepetan also knows, Beni Chetan also knows. No one else knows. I’m afraid to say. Because it shouldn’t bother them. I used to forget to unbuckle my belt after shooting. Dilipatan has taken care of you by saying that you are wearing your belt and keeping it tight. Orange juice will be served. It was like this. Even the director does not know that I am pregnant. Smelling the spray makes me nauseous. The smell of the spray from one of the two artists was a terrible difficulty for me.

When they arrive, he goes to the bathroom and vomits, saying that he will come soon. My tension was that if I came to know that I was pregnant, I would not get my next job. After a break, in the fifth month, Welcome to Central Jail is shooting again. Till then some stomach came. No one understood. Diliptan is my favorite actor. He is the kind of actor who still calls us when we have an accident and asks are you okay. We hear a lot of their problems and don’t know whether they are true or not. I personally know how good he is.

He called when I had surgery. Molly, you are fine, if there is any urgent matter, call me like a brother. He doesn’t seem to be doing it. But I am saddened by what happened to my colleague. Veena said that I also want the truth to come out.

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