When she said no the first time, he told her not to call or talk again; Aarti Podhi about love for the first time

The love story of Robin and Aarti is well known. Now Aarti has opened up about that love. Aarti said that she did not watch Bigg Boss and her friends sent her videos when Robin Chetan was evicted.

That’s how I came to admire Rob. I wanted to start my own business and be a role model for someone. I wanted to be a businesswoman on my own. He worked for it during his studies.

My aim was to be accepted as an actress boutique. My business started in a small room and then grew. I got into acting to take my brand to a different level.

And so I reached my dream. Robin went to interview Chetan that day when he was still sitting at home. He told the family that they could just click a photo and come back. But after that when Robin Chetan called me, I told all my wishes and dreams. When I was proposed for the first time, I refused. So we said bye to each other and parted ways.

And Tom Chetan’s words made me think again. ‘Arathi you don’t want this. Then you will never call or talk to Rob again. I got a little angry when he said, ‘I don’t want anything to do with him anymore.’ He called his brother the same day. Chet didn’t pick up the phone. After hearing what I had to say, I left a message saying no more talking. Talking again brought us here today.

Aarti said that she met Robin Chetan at the worst time of her life and today she has managed to overcome it. Aarti also said that they are moving forward understanding each other.

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