When Rajeev made serious allegations against M Jayachandran, it was Jayachandran who destroyed the prospects of the man.

M Jayachandran is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. As a music director, he can attract the attention of Malayalees. He is currently one of the best music directors in Malayalam. He has many fans all over Kerala. He is also active in television programs and participates as a judge in many shows.

Now he is facing serious charges. Lyricist Rajeev Alungal has made serious allegations against him. Rajeev Alungal alleges that M Jayachandran has deprived Bayar Prasad of many opportunities. Biyar Prasad wrote the lyrics for the song ‘Mazhthulillik Pojanjidummi Nadan Khayal’ from the film ‘Vettam’. Rajeev Alungal is now speaking out against M Jayachandran saying that he was dropped from at least 20 films saying that his lines were not correct.

Rajiv Alungal says that there are many YouTubers who still carry the mike to Girish Puthanchery’s house, but none of them go to Kaithappuram Damodaran Namboodiri, only 6 km away, who is still alive. Rajeev Alungal said that it would be very difficult to say good things about the living.

At the same time, film lovers say that the allegations leveled against M Jayachandran should be taken very seriously. Now the audience is saying that no one has monopoly on cinema and everyone has equal right to work here and hence eliminating opportunities of a person is tantamount to depriving him of right to get employment. Meanwhile, onlookers say they didn’t know M Jayachandran had such a face, but a section of people supporting him say knowing its truth is enough to get him crucified.

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