When it went away I was depressed for a year and had panic attacks; Arya about breakup

After coming to Bigg Boss, many stars also spoke openly about their personal life. Actress Arya Babu also talked about her love in Bigg Boss house. Arya said that marriage will happen as soon as they come out.

But Arya who came out was very sad and told about the man leaving her. Arya herself had said about touching her life. Now that Phool has reached one crore, the actor has again said yes.

Arya talks about her first marriage and subsequent breakup. To be honest, when it came to divorce, the mistake was from my side. We were in live in relationship. I was depressed for a year when it went away. He was in the hospital because of a panic attack. He does not respond to the claim of returning after seeing the money. Arya says I will prove it and show you.

Arya Babu is one such actor who caught the attention of people through the best reality show ‘Badai Bangla’. Although the actor has featured in several serials, it is Badai Bangla that caught the most attention of the public. Arya is also an actress who has excelled in all fields of dancing, modeling, fashion designing and hosting.

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