When I told him that I was divorced and had children, he did not listen to me; He said about marrying a Gulf guy that he wants to marry a Malayali girl Lakshmi

Lakshmi is an actress who has worked in many films and serials. Lakshmi is also the daughter of actress Sethulakshmi. They have come from the drama. Later it reached cinema and serial. Even after getting many opportunities, I did not get time to act in the play. Lakshmi married a man from this area. But after eight years of marriage, the two separated. After that Lakshmi married a man from Saudi Arabia.

Now the actress is in Oman with her husband. When Flowers reached Orokot, the actress talked about her married life. Lakshmi says they have been married for 9 years. My brother was there and thus his boss said that he wanted to marry a Malayali girl. It seems that because women in Kerala respect their husbands a lot, Puli had such a wish.

He is also divorced and has two children. I like him at first sight but he is younger than me. I was married and had children. He didn’t back down after hearing this. I said I want to marry her if she is legally divorced.

I didn’t have a house and bought a house and a car after marriage. Lakshmi said, “He is taking care of my children. We went straight to Dubai after the wedding.”