When I saw all this, I myself died. Is there anyone like this? Do you know what happened when an ardent fan of Chitra Chechi saw her?

KS Chitra is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She became famous as a singer. We all see Chitra Chechi as synonymous with Malayali Tanima. It can be said that he has sung songs in all the languages ​​of India. Hence, it is a fact that he has fans in all languages. Now talking about one such fan KS Chitra.

“Once I went to an event in London. A girl wanted to see me there. The name of that girl is Valarmati. They caught hold of me and came to meet me. They first found my mother. It is very easy to find my mother. Because my mother always dresses in a decent and decent manner.” – says Chitra.

“The grown up girl came to my mother. The mother brought the child to me. That girl had my name tattooed on her arm. There was a necklace around her neck. My photo was in the locket. I was really surprised to see this. KS Chitra said, “I wonder if there is anyone like that.”

Meanwhile, the song sung by the actor in the film Waaris was released recently. The crew of the film described this party as the soul of the film. Till now many people have seen this song on YouTube. The film Waaris is releasing on January 12. Dalpati Vijay plays a central role in the film.