When I saw a Malayali actor in a show in Chennai, the theater shook and the actor got a triple round of applause – Vineeth Sreenivasan

When I saw a Malayali star in a show in Chennai, the theater shook, the hero got a triple round of applause: Vineeth Sreenivasan

Vineeth Srinivasan shared his experience of watching Pushpa in a theater in Chennai. Vineet said that when he showed Fahadh Faasil, he got double the applause in the theater than when he showed Allu Arjun. Later Vineet said in an interview to Ginger Media Entertainment that he called Fahadh and told him about it, but he just laughed it off.

‘I saw Pushpa in a theater in Chennai. Seen on the day of release. The round of applause starts as soon as Allu Arjun arrives. After that, Sanu is shown moving towards the climax of the film. The theater shook when Sanu was shown.

I thought Allu Arjun would get applause. He will be appreciated in Telugu. But I am watching from Tamil Nadu. Sanu got double triple applause as compared to Allu Arjun. Now I realize what my friend said.

I called Sanu that day right after the show. When he narrated his ordeal, Shanu just laughed. They don’t understand that feeling. We get it because we’re in the theater. Shanu has risen to that level,’ said Vineet.

Thangam is an upcoming movie by Vineeth. The film is being directed by Shaheed Arafat under the banner of Bhavna Studios. Biju Menon also plays an important role in the film, which stars Aparna Balamurali in the lead role. Thangam will release on January 26.

Mukundan Unni is the last unobtrusive film to hit the theatres. Directed by Abhinav Sundar Nayak, the film in the dark comedy genre has been well received by the audience.

Ingredients Highlight: Vineeth Srinivasan shares his experience of watching Pushpa in a theater in Chennai

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