When I saw a doctor, I realized that I was not normal, now I am fine; Supriya revealed

Prithviraj is married to journalist Supri. Both came together after a long time of love. The star couple has often revealed their love story. Now Supriya’s new interview is going viral. In this, Supriya talks about a bad phase of her life.

Supriya says giving birth to her daughter Alamkrita is complicated. It got to the point where we could both die. After that my life changed completely. I couldn’t even deal with it. The people around me did not understand anything, they thought, why is she so angry even after pregnancy? Supriya says I did not catch the incident.

I felt like crying all the time. Supriya says that it was only after two years that I realized that I was not normal and what was wrong. So he went and saw a doctor. It is then understood that clinical postpartum depression is also present. I came to know about this only after seeing the doctor.

But I didn’t tell this to anyone in my family, Supriya said she is fine now.

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