When I said I was interested in cinema, I meditated to transform this interest; Meditation artist Nilin Sandra opens her mind through charcoal

Nilin Sandra is one such actress who gained attention through the series Karik. The series Potency Scripture attracted attention for Neill.

The screenplay of the series was also written by Neele. Samarthya Shastra, unlike the usual caricature series, stayed away from comedy. The series provided an enthralling storyline and cinematic experience to the viewers.

The series is getting great response. Now it’s time to focus on web series

The actor spoke openly about the objections of his family members. The actor put forward his thoughts about the motherland.

Nilin says that when he said that he was interested in cinema, his family created a big problem.

“When I said that I am interested in films, there was no support at home. When I came to know about it, there was a terrible problem at home. The actress also says that she took it upon herself to change her love. Took into meditation.

I used to do plays and skits. Skits and mimes have been successful at the national level. They didn’t like it. She didn’t really like acting in drama. I’ve been taken to meditation to avoid the drama. But the actress says that I stood firm.

Now one of my aunts says that I am very hard working and this is the result of my present success. Previously, this kind of ability of mine was called disobedience and beating. – added the actress.

Meanwhile, the series was produced without Karik’s main characters. Anu did not have onions, life etc.

Samatha Shastra featured Anand Mathews, Kiran Wyatt, Krishnachandran, Nilin Sandra, Sabreesh Sajin, Sneha Babu, Shiny Sara, Unni Mathews, Shins Shaan, Neetu Chandran and Riju Rajeev in the lead roles.