When I heard this I felt ashamed and hopeful towards Chetan, do you know the story of Kavya Madhavan a girl thinks for TP Madhavan!

Mukesh is one such actor who has made many revelations recently. He is answering through Mukesh Speaking. This channel has made headlines in a very short span of time. Recently, Mukesh also talked about his first wife through this. He also talked about megastar Mammootty.

Mukesh also told the story of hitting TP Madhavan once. He married at that time and had a son, but remained single for many years. One day we told him about the second marriage. He said that Chetan is getting old and needs a group. But this will not be true, he said, why are people queuing up to marry TP Madhavan?

But when Chetan said that he had come up with a good idea and this marriage would benefit the girl, he himself got confused. I wondered if marrying me would benefit any girl in the world. Mukesh said that the family has given this marriage to think about.

I saw blushing and a little hope on Puli’s face. Don’t be surprised to hear the name of the girl and said that Kavya Madhavan is the only actress to play the hero. But Kavya told Madhavan that if I tie him, you will get the money from my hand. Then he said that if someone else is arrested, Kavya Madhavan should change his name from the certificate, but after Chetan was arrested, before and after Kavya Madhavan, Kavya Madhavan said that the profit would be his, then Chetan took a book which was there and hit me, then Mukesh said it was a bad call.