When he went after the film, he didn’t know he was going to lose his own family, when he got the divorce notice sent by his wife, he went to ask, they walked out – Life of TP Madhavan

TP Madhavan is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. He was once one of the stars that filled Malayalam cinema. He mostly played character roles. He is seen as one of the best character actors of all time in Malayalam. But he is one of those people who lost his own family after the film. Now TP Madhavan is talking about the things related to it.

Looking back, host Jon Britts asked if it pains you to lose your family. TP Madhavan replied that of course it is. He says that now looking back, he feels guilty. The actor said that the divorce notice was first sent by the wife.

When I got the divorce notice, the incident got blown up. But he is very strong. The lawyer asked me to get out. TP Madhavan said that he should not even think about this matter.. It is all his fault and he is worried about it now.

Meanwhile, since 1975, he has been very active in the film industry. TP Madhavan’s son Rajkrishna Menon recently said in an interview that he had no relation with his father since childhood and was brought up by his mother. Rajkrishna Menon is one of the most popular directors of Bollywood today. TP Madhavan says that the reason for the divorce was his entry into cinema. TP Madhavan says that he could not even relate to his children.

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