When he reached the place, Mammooka was sitting there; Anu Sithara shared her experience

Actress Anusithara is the beauty of Malayalam Shalina Sundari Anu did not take long to make her mark in the acting world. The actor made his acting debut with the film Potas Bomb. The actress started garnering attention after starring in Raman’s Edenthotum. After that, Jayasuriya’s performance in Captain was also good.

Now the actress has come to compete in Phool Orukori. The actor shared his career and life experiences here.

Anu says Raman’s Edenthotam was the film that became her career break. Have had many good experiences. It was Mamuka who called me and talked about the Kuttanadan vlog. He said that such a film is coming and it would be good if Anu plays the heroine.

It was known that Mammooka was in Chennai in connection with the shooting of Peranpin. I wanted to meet Mamuka somehow. I told Anto Chetan. Vishnuveetan and I are in Chennai. When we saw that we had only a short distance to cover, we got down and ran. When he reached the spot, Mamuka was sitting there. “I don’t know what to say,” said the actress, tears welling up in her eyes.

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