When Dulkar starts speaking dialogues, on the other hand my Chankitik- Siddiqui

When Dulquer starts speaking the dialogue, my boyfriend on the other end says: Siddiqui

Siddique said that during the shooting of Ustad Hotel, he was more stressed than Dulquer Salmaan. Siddiqui said that when Dulquer used to speak dialogues from the other side, he used to get tense sitting on this side. In an interview to IndiaGlitz Malayalam, Siddique said that he has the same concerns about Dulare and Pranav as Mammootty and Mohanlal.

‘I have been watching Dulare and Pranav since they were very young. I feel the same tension as Mohanlal and Mammook when I see them grow up and act. It seems that it was enough if they all went well.

When Dulquer speaks dialogues in Ustad Hotel, I sit on this side and get tensed. Then I wonder why I am so stressed and he is not so stressed. When someone I knew asked me to sing, I used to get nervous about acting with them whether they would get it wrong or not. But it is a pleasure to watch them grow up in front of us.

I was nothing at the age of darlings. When I was 26, it was difficult for me to do a very small role. But at that age, Dulquer and Pranaam play central characters in a film and make it a success. I feel immense love, respect and admiration for all of them,” Siddiqui said.

“There was an incident when Dulquer was little. Mamuka and I have to go for a shoot. Mamuka said you come home in the morning and we will go together. When I went home in the morning, Dulquer was sitting there. Not talking Saying uncle, he sat there.

At that time one of my films was released. He was asked if he had seen it, and he said that he had. When asked how he felt, he said very predictable. What an intelligent replay. Not that the film is bad or good. I said ok dear,’ Siddiqui said.

Ingredients Highlight: Siddique said he was more stressed than Dulquer Salmaan while shooting for Ustad Hotel

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