When Bigg Boss star Lakshmi Jayan asked the son about his second marriage, did you hear the son’s answer? How did the audience understand him at such a young age?

Lakshmi Jayan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is noticed through the television reality show field. The actor started his career at a very young age. Soon the actor got married. But this relationship did not last long. His work was abroad. The relationship got separated after about three and a half years. He has another son. Now she is taking care of her son alone. He got even more attention after appearing in the Bigg Boss program. Lakshmi has told everything about her life and her son. Apart from this, the actor also appeared as a guest in a program titled ‘Shannag Abhayam’ hosted by MG Sreekumar. What the actor said in this program is being seen now.

MG Sreekumar asks if he remarried. The actor’s reply to this is as follows- “It is great that someone like my husband has come and gone in my life. That’s why I got the life that I have now. But I don’t want to get married now. Sometimes I think about second marriage. But now gone to childhood. So it is necessary for me that whoever accepts it should come. Also if we are thinking as a group, we think that when we turn 50 it will not be enough” – says Lakshmi.

“I sometimes discuss this matter with my son. He told me that I should get married. I said ok. I told him you shouldn’t get married too. I said if you want to eat Before that you have to tie me up.” β€œOtherwise I will come on your head,” Lakshmi added.

At the same time, MG Sreekumar replied as if his son is very young child and at this age he must be saying all these things in the same sense and Lakshmi should not hear it. Now viewers are saying that many people are living very comfortably with a child from their first relationship with second husband and it is not enough for us to always take care of our children’s affairs and we also have to take care of our affairs equally. Should pay attention.

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