What’s the stupidest thing Jayarametta has shared? Did you see the work of eight that Jayaram got for the new year? Who is the admin of this page?

Jayaram is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He has been an active presence in Malayalam cinema for the past several decades. She made her film debut when Mammootty and Mohanlal were busy and later rose to stardom on her own. Even today, after Mammootty and Mohanlal, Jayaram is undoubtedly the biggest actor for Malayalees.

Jayaram is one of the most popular actors among the family audience. That’s why there is always a special curiosity among the Malayalees to know the history of Jayaram’s family. Jayaram is married to Parvathy, who was once one of the leading actresses in Malayalam. they have two children. Their names are Kalidas Jairam and Malavika Jairam.

Jairam has shared a picture of himself with his family on social media. The actor shared this picture on New Year’s Day. The film stars Malavika, Parvathy and Kalidas. Everyone is looking very beautiful in the picture. But now this film is being trolled. Do you know why this picture is being trolled on social media?

The editing of the film is very bad. The actor wished Happy New Year as if someone had typed it on his phone. People are asking if this page doesn’t even have a quality admin. Also, the English letter L is missing from Welcome 2023. This has become a major source of criticism.

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