What will happen after the roles used by the stars in the movie are needed? This is the answer to the question we’ve all been asking for years

Steffi Xavier is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She is known as a costume designer. She became an independent fashion designer with the film Luka Chuppi, released in 2015. He has done costumes in about 90 films. He has also received the State Award for Costume Decoration in the film Guppy. At the same time, the actor is now venturing into the field of film direction.

We all have this doubt since childhood that the clothes worn by the stars in the film will come in handy later. Now the actor is answering that question. Once a film is completed, the ownership of the costumes used in the film rests with the producer of the film. All these clothes will be handed over to him after the film. If it is a production company making a series of films, only some of them will be used by junior actors or those who have done small roles.

But the actor says that in most places such clothes lie unused for years. But Steffi Xavier says that E4 Entertainment, a leading Malayalam production company, distributed all the clothes it had during the last flood to relief camps.

The actor said that some actors auction their clothes and use the money for charity. The clothes used by Samantha in some of the films were later auctioned and the proceeds were later used for charity work. Recently, a necklace made of tiger pallu used by Mohanlal in the film Pulimurugan was sold at a huge auction. This is not a real tiger’s tooth.

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