What gift do you want for Happy Birthday, Peru? did you hear parukutty’s answer?

Parukutty is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The focus is on them through the Uppum Mulukum series. The name of this child character is The real name of the girl child is Amey Anil Kumar. At such a young age, Ameya has gained a lot of fans. All the pictures, stories and videos of this child are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Now it is the birthday of this child. A video related to this has now become a topic of discussion on social media. This video has now been shared by Nisha Sarang. He plays a central role in the serial Uppum Mulukum. He has shared this video on Instagram.

Nisha asks what gift do you want on your birthday. Ameya has been thinking about this for a while. When she doesn’t get an answer, Nisha puts forth 3 options in front of Parukutty. They ask if they want toys, clothes or sweets. Do you know what Ameya’s answer was after thinking for a long time?

Parukutty replies that clothes are enough. However, this video has now captured social media. Many people left very nice comments under the video. Many people are coming forward to wish Parukutty on his birthday. Do you know that Parukutty holds another world record? He has the honor of being the youngest child in the world to get the highest salary.

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