What a pathetic situation, didn’t expect this from you; Moralists are against Keerthy Suresh’s bikini picture

Keerthy Suresh, who is holidaying in Thailand, some pictures taken by the actress looking at the setting sun and shared on social media are now going viral.

There are many pictures of her in bikini and lying in the water and not. Some cyber ethicists have been critical of the images.

He says that he did not expect anything from Kirti while there was nothing to expose her body badly. He is of the opinion that he never expected that Kirti would also come with the photo wearing a bikini.

Nowadays every actress goes to the extent of exposing her body just to get likes. That’s why I got the respect that I had. The old reputation was better.

Don’t try to be like Bollywood actresses. Some of them are also giving advice to the actress. However, the actress has not yet reacted to such negative comments.

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