Well, wish I could still talk to you: Son in memory of Kothivattam Pappu

Kuthira Vattam Pappu was the favorite star of Malayalam film lovers. It has been more than two decades since the genius made Malayalees laugh with his unique style.

It has been 23 years since the death of the genius who is still indelibly engraved in the minds of the audience. On this occasion, heart touching words of son Binu Pappu are now making headlines on social media.

“Hey man, I wish I could still talk to you and tell you about my day. I miss you everyday, I love you so much”, wrote Binu Pappu.

After Binu Pappu’s words, many people shared their memories and commented.

Kothira Vattam Pappu is coming to the cinema through the movie Moodupadam. The real name of Kothira Vattam Pappu is Padmadalakshan.

After acting in the film Bhargavi Nilayam, Padmadalakshan’s name was changed to Kotharivattam Pappu.

The name of the character played by Padmadalakshan in Bhargavi Nilayam was Kothivattam Pappu.

Later many characters were made memorable. Pappu’s last film was Narasimham directed by Shaji Kailas. Pappu died on 25 February 2000 due to age related ailments.

Meanwhile, his son Binu Pappu is also active in films. Binu Pappu has worked in many films.

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