Wearing what I feel comfortable in has a habit of insulting any part of the body; Honey Rose’s reply to critics

Honey Rose is the favorite actress of Malayalees. Today this actor is moving forward in the field of acting. In 2005, Honey made her debut in Malayalam by playing the role of Julie in the film Boyfriend. After that, Haniros was able to do well in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. Honey is still active in acting.

Honey Rose often has to face criticism for her dress. But now the actress does not pay much attention to this. Now Honey Rose is talking about her freedom of dress.

I get a lot of comments about the clothes. Clothing means what I am most comfortable in. And there’s more creative freedom than in film. When you’re in a movie, you can do whatever you want. There is no such limit. It doesn’t matter to the people where I go or to those who come to see me. The actor also says that it is all about wearing whatever is comfortable for me.

Body shaming is very unfortunate. I am not the only one facing this. Everyone is facing. Weight gain or loss. Insulting any part of the body has become routine. Honey Rose says that I think this trend should be eradicated from the society.

At the same time, after going to the inauguration, trolls also came towards Honey Rose. But the actor recently said in an interview that he looks at those trolls positively. Honey Rose is probably the most opening attended actress.

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