We used to sleep in the same room, yet I was not given a chance; About Mohanlal Mammootty Director

Paulson has directed several films. The films he made attracted attention. He was close friends with actors Mohanlal and Mammootty. The director says that he stayed in a room with Mohanlal while going to shoot the film. The director also says that even after sleeping together that day, when he asked for a chance, he did not give it. He disclosed this during the interview.

Mohanlal and I were living in the same room when we were making Nokatta Dorath. He then asked for other details about working with older stars and the director said no.

He also talked about Mammootty. Mohanlal is the most talkative person. Mammootty usually remains silent. Sitting anywhere without talking. You can say anything to Mohanlal. But if you go to tell Mammootty, you have to fear what will be the answer. He said he still has that fear.

I want to do a Mohanlal or Mammootty film. I once asked Mohanlal. But he will do only three films like Priyadarshan and CB Malail. Mohanlal said that we will see later. I felt bad that day. He was ashamed to ask. Paulsen says I won’t ask anymore.

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