We miss that old lullaby 23 years after the release of Mohanlal’s career best film.

If you ask who is the greatest actor in Malayalam cinema, none other than Mohanlal can answer. Meanwhile, if you ask who is the best actor in Malayalam cinema, none other than Mammootty and Mohanlal can answer. These two are two of the best actors of all time not only in Malayalam cinema but also in Indian cinema. He is also the personal pride of the Malayalees.

But for the last few years all the films of Mohanlal are flopping. Not only have all the films failed commercially, none of the films to come have matched Mohanlal’s acting prowess. Many people are asking Mohanlal to change his mind. Everyone is equally demanding that young directors should be given dates.

Meanwhile, if you ask Mohanlal which is the best film of his acting career, most of the people will answer Vanprastham. The film is directed by Shaji N Karun. This film was released in the year 1999. The film also won several national and international awards. Now it has been 23 years since the film was released. Many film lovers are now celebrating the anniversary of the film.

Mohanlal appeared in this film as a Kathakali actor named Kunikuttan. The film won three National Awards. In addition the film won 7 state awards. Mohanlal won both the National Award and the State Award for Best Actor. Malayalees always say that Vana Problem is one of those rare films where we can see the amazing talent of Mohanlal in all its glory.

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