Was it not the house where we were staying, then I felt very bad; What happened in Bigg Boss house but Akhil

Bigg Boss was the most watched show. Bigg Boss was a completely different show from what we have seen so far. Bigg Boss, which started in other languages, came to Malayalam only after seeing the success there. The previous Big Boss had also made a lot of headlines. There were all contestants in this.

Akhil has participated in comedy shows earlier too but it was through Bigg Boss that the actor got more attention. After Bigg Boss, Akhil got a chance in films as well. Meanwhile, Akhil has also come as an anchor.

The actor left the Bigg Boss house unexpectedly. Akhil had a good match. But the audience didn’t like some of the actor’s stances. This has reduced the support of the audience. Now the actor’s talk about Bigg Boss house is going viral. Akhil says that he misses that house a lot after the show.

Everyone jokingly says, hey, I have left here, I have run away. But that home is the home which gives us all happiness and sorrow. Whatever I say, I will miss that house very much.

A picture from the sets of Bigg Boss in Mumbai has surfaced on social media. There is a tree inside. It will always beat you. After the shoot, I saw a photo of that house somewhere on Instagram and the leaves had fallen and the house was engulfed in jungle. Isn’t it the house we clean every day? Then we felt terrible. Because we considered it our home. The house was overgrown and it looked like there was no one to take care of it. The event is fixed. But Akhil said sadly.

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