“Wait for him for a few more hours..”; The upcoming big announcement of Mohanlal-Lijo Jose film…

Actor Mohanlal and director Lijo Jose Pellissery are the proud stars of Malayalam. That’s why the fans were eagerly waiting for a film where both would come together. Finally, Mohanlal and Lijo’s film was announced earlier in October. It is now learned that the shooting of the film will begin in January.

Now it is learned that a big update is coming regarding the film. A new announcement about the film has been made on the official Facebook page of the makers of the film, John and Mary Creative. The makers have announced that the title of the film will be announced on 23 December. Also actor Mohanlal shared a picture on his Facebook page.

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“The Roman Empire didn’t come into existence overnight. Every success is the result of hard work and struggle of a human being. It is known that many people are eagerly waiting to know the details of Mohanlal Lijo Jose collaboration film which has completed two months. first celebrated Malayalamkara. Cinema is not a dream which is woven in a dream for a night or a week. The film we see is the result of many days and sometimes years of hard work. We are here to fulfill the expectations of the audience. begin with the full faith of the weight when the genius and the event become one. The essential ingredients are mixed into the batter and cooked a little. In these Christmas days, when nature and man alike bathe, we Let’s stop waiting, wait patiently for a few more hours for that answer without any questions and worries” – the makers wrote on Facebook.

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