Vineet Srinivasan ran away from bad news: Screenwriter revealed the truth of the news

A video of Vineeth Srinivasan during the ongoing festival program at the temple went viral on social media the other day.

The video of Vineeth Srinivasan running during a program organized in connection with Kumbhbharani last week has gone viral.

Rumor had it that Vineeth Srinivasan ran away because his performance was poor.

Sunil, a screenwriter and a native of Warnad, has come forward to tell the truth of this news. Sunish says that the news of Vineet’s escape is fake.

Vineeth Srinivasan’s Ganam Mela organized on the occasion of the festival was well attended.

After the event, the star couldn’t even walk to his car as fans flocked to click selfies. Sunish told that Vineet ran towards the car by force and started taking selfies, to which he replied through a Facebook post.

A song festival was organized at Varnad Devi temple as part of the Kumbhbharani festival. Vineet’s singing was held on the concluding day at 10 pm.

A video of Vineeth Srinivasan running in his car after the song festival went viral on social media.

Video of him running up to the car is being circulated on social media as Vineet flees as the program malfunctions.

Sunish wrote on Facebook that this kind of publicity is cruel to a good artist.

Sunil’s post is as follows-

The truth behind the video circulated as Vineeth Srinivasan absconding


Vineet’s song festival was in connection with the Kumbhbharani festival, Vineet and his team organized a grand program for two and a half hours. It was an unprecedented crowd. After the concert, there was a crowd of fans to take selfies and photos, in such a way it was impossible to even reach the car parked behind the stage. When Vineet started taking selfie by holding her forcefully, he went from there in the car. ‘Program bad; Link shares with the title ‘Vineet Bhag Gaya’ are cruel to a good artist. #VineethSrinivasan

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