Vijay beats Ajith by 50 crores before release; Have you seen the new achievement of Dalpati’s heirs?

Tamil film lovers are eagerly waiting for Pongal 2023. Two Tamil superstars Dalapathy Vijay and Thala Ajith are clashing for Pongal.

Dalpati Vijay’s Warisu and Ajit Kumar’s Thuni are at loggerheads. After nine years both the stars will meet in the theatre.

But Vijay is ahead by earning a profit of 50 crores before release. , Vijay has surpassed Ajith by 50 crores in the pre-release business.

According to, Waaris has earned around Rs 142 crore from worldwide theatrical rights.

Tamil Nadu rights sold for 72 crores. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have earned 18 crores. 17 crores from other parts of India and 35 crores from overseas rights.

Coming to Ajith Kumar’s Thunu, it earned Rs 86.25 crore from its worldwide theatrical rights, of which Tamil Nadu contributed Rs 60 crore. 3.2 crore to Telugu states. 8.05 crore in other parts of India. Overseas theater rights were sold for 15 crores.

Dalpati Vijay’s Warisu can be seen clearly dominating Ajith Kumar’s Thuneev in the pre-release. Now movie lovers are waiting for who will win the box office battle.

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