Vidyagopal Mantracharan First Award to actor Unni Mukundan: To be presented on February 12

Kodungallur: Vidyagopala Mantra actor Unni Mukundan of the Kerala Temple Protection Society district committee won the first composition award.

Parigani played the role of Ayyappan in the film ‘Malikappuram’. Chan chose Unni Mukundan.

On February 12, preparations are being made for the yagya in the Bhagwati temple in the east. Dr. V. Rajan announced that the award would be presented on stage. , KS Sankaranarayanan.

Statues of Nandagopan and Kodungallur Bhagavathy are some of the prizes.

Meanwhile, Malikappuram has been a huge success and the show is on. The film is being directed by debutant Vishnu Shashi Shankar.

Kallu is an ardent devotee of Ayyappan. The film tells the story of Piyush, a Malikappuram friend named Kallu, who sets out to meet Ayyappan and the events that follow.

Taking a tremendous hit at the box office, this film has become the biggest success of Unni Mukundan’s career.

The film has joined the 50 crore club and is inching towards 100 crores.

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