Very sad for the dead body and belongings of daughter and wife: Harish shared the pain

Nepal is in agony of another plane crash. The ATR-72 of Yeti Airlines had crashed recently. 68 passengers and 4 crew members died. Now Harish Sachdev has shared the pain of losing his daughter and wife in a similar accident ten years ago.

Harish Sachdev is the father of child artist Taruni Sachdev, who is well known to Malayalees. In 2012, Taruni and her mother Geeta Sachdev died in a plane crash in the Jomsam region of Nepal.

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Harish says that when he heard about another plane crash, he got very angry. These people are still not alert. Don’t know how many people will lose their lives. These planes are very old. He doesn’t even think about the lives of others for his own benefit. My daughter and my wife were also separated from me in the same way. Even today when I remember that incident, I shudder. My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the plane crash. May God give them the courage and strength to come out of their misery.’- said Harish Sachdev.

“At that time I was in Mumbai and my wife and daughter had gone to Nepal for darshan. My daughter really didn’t want to go there. She made plans to go to Goa. I was told, ‘Papa goa chalte hain, where do I go paragliding’ ‘ But my wife was going to visit Nepal with her friends, so she took her daughter along. Maybe my daughter had premonitions about something bad. While boarding the plane, Taruni texted one of her friends, ‘If this plane crashes, I will tell you I love you.’ That was the message. I was stunned to see people taking things out of the dead bodies. The wife went away with money, gold ornaments and a new phone. The whole thing would be around Rs 4 lakh. I didn’t get anything back. I got my daughter’s phone And a DVD cassette was found. I wandered a lot in Nepal for my daughter and wife’s dead body and belongings. During this they said that they will get help from embassy but got no support. After my daughter and wife’s death I got help from Nepal government Got 7 lakh rupees as compensation. Today I am on the path of spirituality. I made a temple at home and worshiped there. I could survive only because of spirituality. As long as there is life, devotion has to be done. ‘ – Shared by Harish.