Used to act with her then celebrity crush, watch her movies and eat rice – Aparna Balamurali

Used to act with erstwhile celebrity crush, watch their movies and eat rice: Aparna Balamurali

Actress Aparna Balamurali says Kunchacko Boban was her first celebrity crush. In an interview with Ginger Media Entertainment, Aparna said that when she was young she used to have dinner with Kunchacko Boban and never thought of acting with him.

‘My first celebrity crush was Chackochan. When I was in second standard, I used to see Chakochan eating rice. Now we are doing a film together. Did I think I’d do a movie with you while you have lunch? It was the biggest goosebumps moment of my life.

My mother and father will turn on the TV. Will bring rice. I watch TV and binge. Prem Pujari is visible. He is my main. I never saw any theatre, it was all cassettes. And Pattalam was my favorite film,’ said Aparna.

Aparna’s latest film is Thangam with Biju Menon and Vineeth Sreenivasan. Aparna also shared her experience of working with Biju Menon in Thangam.

‘Biju Chetan and I are from the same country. This is my first time talking about it in a closed way other than doing a film and seeing it somewhere. Thangam Biju is performed in the best time of Chetan. On the day of thangam the state award is announced to all. It was a beautiful feeling.

Biju Chetan is very versatile. This is one actor who can be placed anywhere. Acting with Biju Chetan is very easy. We do not give much pressure and pulleys also do not like to take much pressure. Biju acts cool with Chetan,’ said Aparna.

The film is being directed by Shaheed Arafat under the banner of Bhavna Studios. Thangam will release on January 26.

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