Urfi finally reveals the truth as to why she was wearing scantily clad clothes, leaving fans stunned, video

Actress Urfi Javed is constantly facing criticism for her strange clothes. Urfi attracted attention by using anything as a garment. Now Urfi has come on stage to answer the criticism regarding her dress.

Urfi is a condition in which the skin itches when it comes in contact with clothing. Allergies. In an Instagram video, Urfi says that she feels the same when she wears woolen clothes or any body-covering dress.

The caption of the video reads, ‘I am really allergic to clothes.’ ‘Now you can see why I wear less clothes, my condition is serious. When I wear body cover my body starts reacting. I have shown the proof right here. That’s why I like being naked’ – Urfi revealed in an Instagram video.

Urfi also shows a red colored part of the body in the video.

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