Unnimukundan Sorry, Malikappuram is not your film; sandeep warrier says

Screening of Malikappuram film directed by Vishnu Sasishankar starring Unnimukundan continues with great response. Many people are praising the film.

Now after watching the film, the statements of BJP leader Sandeep Warrier are making headlines on social media. Sorry Unnimukundan. Sandeep notes that Malikappuram is not your film.

Seeing is not enough for the eyes, hearing is not enough for the ears, Guruswamy. Even after 24 hours of watching ‘Malikappuram’, the visual wonder doesn’t fade from my mind. Kallu will join us from Malikappuram and Piyush Swamy Theatre.

Devanand is seen in the puja ceremony of the film. Devanand completed the stone filling scene in the very first shot. The parents said that Devanand had been fasting for many days. On the way back from Erumeli a very important person was talking to me about the brightness and enthusiasm he had seen on the face of that child. Malikappuram is the place where Devananda was blessed by Ayyappan.

That scene of Devanand climbing the 18th step and touching the child’s hand on the step, the scene where a drop of tear falls into the water lying on the step… That moment has the magic of involuntarily calling refuge from within.

I don’t think there will be anyone in the theater who will not move Devanand to tears, the love affair between Kallu and his father, a story that passes through intense emotional moments.

Dear Unni, there is no other actor than Unni who can play the lead role in it. Malikappuram is Unni’s best film in this regard.

But Unnimukundan is sorry. Malikappuram is not your film. This is Devanand and Kallu’s film. This is the film of millions of Mallikapurams who vow to see Ayyan as Kallu.

He should see this film. Parents should show this movie to their kids. Talked to Devanand in the morning. Sandeep also wrote on social media that Ayyappan blesses me to reach new heights.


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