Unni Mukundan praised Lord Ayyappa, commented below the post, viewers called it the greatest tape they have seen this year.

Unni Mukundan is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. His latest film is Malikappuram. The film is getting very good response. He shares many promotional posts related to the film through social media. And since it is also Mandal season, Unnimukundan is also sharing such posts. Recently a video shared by him is now being noticed.

He shared a video of a small child crying. This baby stops crying as soon as he hears the song Harivarasanam. He said that Ayyappaswamy is not only a creation of human mind but something divine. He also added Swami Sharan as the caption below the video. When this video surfaced on another Facebook page, there was a comment below it. This is what is being seen now.

This comment said that this child would stop crying even if given Harivarasana, not Harivarasanam, and therefore you cannot hold Samantha and turn her into a god. This made a lot of headlines and a large number of people came to congratulate him. Viewers are saying that this is a matter of people who believe in all religions and they cannot strengthen their faith with such videos and people who do not even know the psychology of small children are sharing these types of videos. Huh.

The film has opened to great reviews and is continuing its victorious journey in the theatres. There is unofficial information that the collection of the film is close to Rs 50 crore. On the other hand, trackers say that Unni Mukundan is now on his way to becoming a star. Fans of Unni Mukundan say that the success of this film has reduced their distance from it.