unexpected as a dream; LJP a filmmaker named

unexpected as a dream; LJP a filmmaker named

A beautiful dream that happened during a day’s nap, Lijo Jose Pellissery’s daydream can’t be described any other way. The film is beautiful like a dream, don’t want to wake up. There is a beauty when two unrelated people and the people around them come together on a good day.

The story begins with a group led by James going on a pilgrimage from Muvattupuzha to Velankanni. On the way back, James wakes up and stops at a corn field that looks out. James gets off the bus and walks past the cornfield towards the Tamil village. Later, the story progresses to the efforts of the local people and the team accompanying them to get him back.

Naan Pagal is totally different from the usual Lijo Jose Pellissery movies. No one expected such a quiet film from LJP. But if you look at Nayakan’s post-films, this unpredictability can be seen.

LJP came out before this. look at the picture. The film revolves around two police officers who go to Churuli village in search of a criminal, which is shrouded in mystery and mystery. The Tamil villagers of the day are quite different from Churuli and its people.

Even if you enter Jallikattu, you will see wild men running after buffaloes. In Jallikattu, the animal can be seen in the human mind. Angamaly Diaries, which focused on a group of youths in Angamaly, and Amen, E.M.Yu, City of God and Nayakana, which told the love story of Solomon and Sophie in Kumarangiri, stand apart from each other.

LJP sees each film differently. Lijo has always tried to think out of the box and shape traditional character concepts.

Content Highlight: Lijo Jose Pellissery’s unpredictability as a filmmaker

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