Tovino Thomas with the horn moustache; When the actor arrived in the new look

By the time he closed his eyes, Tovino Thomas was able to rank among the leading actors of Malayalam cinema. Tovino’s rise in the film industry was surprising to the audience as well. The actor quit his engineering job and joined the film industry. Even though the family was supportive during this time, Tovino’s father was concerned. The father said that he would give him one year’s time and after that he should go back to work. But there was no need for it, this actor has achieved a big place in Malayalam cinema.

The actor has already proved that he is secure with any character he takes up. Now Tovino has shared a new picture on his Instagram which is creating panic on social media.

The star arrives this time in a cool look with a moustache. A video of him attending a public event is now going viral. Tovino was the guest of honor at Ponyathankam organized as part of Thalassery Heritage Tourism. In the video, Tovi can be seen not only enjoying watching Kalaripayat etc. Tovino came to the event wearing a black shirt and vest. But what caught the eye on Tovino’s new look was the star’s horn moustache.

Thallumala is Tovino’s film that has finally reached the audience. Tovino also shares travel stories on Instagram from time to time. The actor is also an adventurer. Tovino’s latest film is Ajayan’s second Moshana.

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