To be with us in all things, to understand all things; About Anushree Nathun

Anushree is the favorite actress of Malayalees. The actor starred in several films. Anushree has worked with leading stars in Malayalam as an actress and co-star. The star also started taking on stronger female roles. Anushree is one of the leading actresses of Malayalam cinema today.

Now the actor has come to congratulate Nathun. In the post shared by Starr, Starr also said, “God bless his little sister-in-law, who has been with us from that day until today, to live happily ever after with us for the rest of her life.”

My grandson To sister-in-law’s child, to my maternal uncle’s Rukoon, to the mother of our Aadi’s child. Happy birthday to you for standing by us through everything. A thousand love for everything, for understanding everything, for not poking nostrils, for seeing Adikuttan like gold. a thousand thanks. God bless my little sister-in-law, who has been with us from that day till today, may she be with us happily for the rest of her life. The note said, may this love last forever.

Anushree also tells her fans about her baby boy. The actor, who is active on social media, had earlier spoken about Annan. The actress also said that Annan supports her in everything.

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