Thus fulfilling Suraj’s long-standing wish, the wish of the Malayalam audience

Sooraj is one of the most loved stars of Malayalees. He is noticed through comedy venues. He was also seen as a contestant in the fourth season of Bigg Boss. Apart from this, he played the role of a robot in the film Android Kunjappan.

On the other hand, Sooraj is one of those stars who faced many hurdles in his life but overcame all of them and became successful in his life. He has fulfilled many dreams. His sister’s wedding was one of his biggest dreams. Sooraj now talks about making such a dream come true.

“It’s one of those moments when my dream came true” – is what the star captioned the new post. He has informed through his social media page that new happiness has arrived in the house.

He has bought a new car. He is now expressing his happiness through social media. At the same time, many people have come forward to congratulate him. Viewers say that we can get a lot of happiness in such a life. At the same time, owning a house was one of his biggest dreams. He was building his house in 2018. It is a small house but it has all the necessary facilities.

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