Threatened to thrash me in public for not singing Mappilapat: Sajeela responds on stage

The singer responded on stage to a man who threatened to beat him up if he did not sing Mappilapat in public. The incident took place during the ‘Nagarotsavam’ program organized at Eratupetta. While singer Sajeela Salim was singing on stage, a spectator shouted that if she did not sing Mappilapat, she would be beaten up. With this, Sajila stopped singing and asked him to come on stage.

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‘When I was called to present the programme, I was not told that only Mappilapat was enough. This is why different types of songs are sung. All those who like to listen to songs, don’t they come here to watch the show? To say that we will be beaten up if we don’t sing Mappilapat, is tantamount to making fun of us. I’ve been hearing this for a long time. No one should be treated like this. I sing to entertain you. If you don’t answer it, nothing will happen. So now it is being said on the stage’, said Sajila.

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