Those who thought it to be Shobhana were wrong, do you know who is this girl who looks like Shobhana?

Shobana is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He is one of the stars introduced to Malayalam cinema by Balachandra Menon. Shobhana quickly became Malayali’s favorite actress. The actor was once very active in not only Malayalam but also South Indian cinema.

Now a video is going viral on social media. A girl singing Carnatic music is now going viral. At first glance, everyone will think that it is bright. Because this girl has such a great match with Shobana. But the truth is that this girl is not really promising.

The real name of this girl is Shivshree Skanda. She has the old fashioned look of Shobana. Now the audience is wondering if he really has any relation with Shobana. But there are reports that he has no relation with the actress and it is just a coincidence.

He is a resident of Tamil Nadu. He is a singer as well as a dancer. Many people are already coming forward by telling their similarity with Shobana. At the same time, all Malayalees are looking for more of his videos.

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