Those who criticize Unni Mukundan are receiving death threats; YouTuber Secret Agent in support of Santosh Keezhtur’s words

Actor Santosh Keezhatoor had replied that he had received death threats because of his comments against Unni Mukundan.
Santosh Keezhattur wrote a comment below Unni’s post where he shared Hanuman Jayanti wishes, ‘Hanuman will change Corona’.

Unni Mukundan has reacted on this issue after it went viral. Due to this, this topic got a lot of headlines. Santosh Kejhatoor was later criticized and Santosh deleted the comment.

But even after this, Santosh Keezhatoor said that he has received death threats. Now YouTuber Secret Agent has also replied on this issue.

Everyone who criticizes Unni Mukundan has the same experience. The secret agent says he is still receiving death threats.

Secret Agent is a youtuber who is in controversy regarding the movie ‘Malikappuram’. The secret agent said that politicians have given threats, but Unni Mukundan is not being blamed for this.

With that call, the problems between Unni Mukundan and him ended. But the matter escalated due to beatings and death threats.

Whatever is the problem with this Unni Mukundan, it is a fact that he is getting death threats. People making videos about Unni Mukundan have said this earlier as well.

Unni Mukundan doesn’t do that. Unni are the people who revolve around Mukundan. The YouTuber also said that sometimes enemies of Unni Mukundan do this.

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